Book by Damon Intrabartolo and Jon Hartmere Jr.    

Music by Damon Intrabartolo    

Lyrics by Jon Hartmere Jr.   

Directed by Keith Rabin-Hoover   

Music Directed by Heather Holt Hall   


Bare is a pulsating, contemporary rock musical. Bare follows a group of students at a Catholic boarding school as they grapple with issues of sexuality, identity, and being their truest selves. Peter and Jason are in love, but Jason -- a popular athlete with very conservative and well-connected parents -- fears coming out. Jason's sister Nadia, struggles with self-image issues about her weight and is contemptuous of Ivy, a beautiful girl with a questionable reputation. Matt, always second to anything Jason succeeds at, is not-so-secretly in love with Ivy. During the last months at St. Cecilias, tensions flare, self-doubt simmers, and God’s path seems even more difficult to bare. 

Forge Light Theatreworks will be producing Bare: The Musical at the Peoples Building in Aurora. This will be the inaugural production for the company! 

Forge Light Theatreworks' rehearsals for Bare will run for 5 weeks. A read through and contracts/policy review will be on 4/27/20. Full Rehearsals will start on 5/4/20 from 7p - 10p, rehearsals will be held at 7175 West Jefferson Avenue, Lakewood CO 80235. Bare will load into the people's building on June 7, 2020. Full technical rehearsals start on June 8, 2019. Bare will open on June 11, 2020, and close on June 14, 2020 (4 Performances). Conflicts should be listed on the audition form in the appropriate section.  from 4/27/20 to 6/14/20 (performance conflicts will not be considered).


Auditions: February 29, 2020,  1p - 3p
Callbacks: March 3, 2020, 6p - 9p

Where: The Peoples Building  9995 E. Colfax Avenue, Aurora, CO 80010

What to Bring: Please prepare one uptempo contemporary (preferably rock/pop style) musical theatre song (16-32 Bars) and one backup song of your choice just in case we want to hear something different. (An accompanist will be provided. A Capella or tracked auditions will not be considered...AKA bring sheet music 😘).  FLT maintains a paperless audition process, please attach headshot & resume along with the electronic audition form. 

Pay: All Performing Artists are paid $25 per performance

AEA: Non-equity contracts only

Role Availability: There is one (1) female supporting lead role precast in this production

For student roles, we will be looking for cast members who can portray younger ages.  

JASON (Tenor): The handsome golden child of St. Cecilia's senior class. Conservative family. In love with Peter...secretly.
PETER (Tenor): Sweet, kind, introspective. Jason's clandestine boyfriend. Dying to be his true self. 
IVY (Soprano): Pretty, popular, insecure. Uses her looks to her advantage.
NADIA (Alto): Jason's curvaceous, sardonic sister. Jealous and insecure around Ivy. (Extra pay if the artist can play the cello) 
MATT (Bari-Tenor): studious, pious, Jason's academic rival.
LUCAS (Bari): The school's fun-loving purveyor of altered reality.
TANYA (Alto/Mezzo): Student, Lucas's girlfriend.
KYRA (Alto/Mezzo): Student, Tanya's best friend.
ZACK (Bari-Tenor): student, closeted jock type.

CLAIRE (Mezzo): (Adult) Peter's mother.
PRIEST (Bari/Bass):(Adult) St. Cecilia's headmaster.

SISTER CHANTELLE: This Role is Precast

Auditions Closed

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